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we believe the next generation of dating is safe and social. that's why we created Doubble - a new social dating platform that makes it easy, fun, and safe to meet people. Doubble is not just another solo dating app. It is a new social dating category. That builds on meaningful connections, not just hookups.


Every human has a fundamental need to meet new people. Our vision is to eliminate the awkwardness of solo dating, by adding a new social dimension, enabling you to meet new people in a safe and social environment - while doing activities. We call it social dating.

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Doubble was first launched in Copenhagen, Denmark (The country with the little mermaid and Carlsberg) in 2021 and in record time gained a substantial market share with extraordinary media coverage. In the first quarter of 2022 the Swedish headquarters officially opened in Stockholm with an incredible team of talented people onboard. Next up Doubble crossed the pond and are now in the process of safely plating the “Doubble flag” in the heart Los Angeles, USA. Next up? Everywhere!

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