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Consent gives you Doubble the fun

In Doubble, we wish to create a culture in which safety, respect, and security in dating are always key. Consent is always required. We expect everyone to be respectful of each other, of boundaries, and of sexual preferences.

While consent does not have to be verbal, it is never a bad idea to ask someone what their boundaries are, whether they feel comfortable or whether they are okay with something you do. Never make assumptions about the consensual nature of a relationship and if you are ever in doubt, ask.

  • Consent is always a common responsibility.

  • Consent cannot be given if a person is incapable of making a sound judgement.

  • Consent cannot be given under coercion or threat of mental or physical violence.

  • Consent can always be withdrawn; it is always okay to change your mind and say no.

  • The lack of an explicit ‘no’ is not consent.

If you experience anything in the app that violates you, please let us know

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