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we are a generation that spend 3 hours on social networks per day, but only 3 hours with close friends per week.

loneliness is a big societal problem: if we lived this isolated a 1000 years ago, i’m not sure we would have been alive today.

here’s the problem: the social networks we use are not social.

today’s social networks are designed for entertainment, not authentic experiences.

the number of friends you add, is the social network you get

a useful way to categorise the social networks is by looking at: how many friends you add on these social networks

on the one hand side, you have social networks where you have 0 friends - you can call these solo networks.

a popular solo network is Tinder, where you can signup and use the product without adding any friends.

the user experience feels like going on a speed date - it is efficient, but it can feel awkward.

on the other hand, you have the social networks where you have hundreds of friends. you can call these contact networks.

your friends on these contact networks is often all the people you have in your contact book.

a popular contact network is Instagram, where the average user has hundreds of friends.

the user experience feels like a popularity contest, which is entertaining, but doesn’t feel authentic.

the insight today's social networks missed: the most authentic experiences are created with a handful of friends

you can feel just as lonely on a social network with zero friends as you can on a network with hundreds of friends.

we believe the next chapter of social networks will be built around the concept of a close friend social network.

a close friend social network, where you don’t have zero friends or hundreds of friends, you have a handful of close friends.

a close friend social network that centers around the authentic experiences you can only create with a handful of close friends.

the feeling of weekend in your everyday life

our close friend social network, Doubble centers around of one of the most fun and authentic experiences you do with a handful of close friends: going out.

for many the experience of going out is reserved for the weekend and the week feels like a slow march towards the weekend.


our vision is to create the experience of going out at your fingertips.

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