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social dating with friends


do you want another awkward dating app?

then Doubble is not for you 🙃

how it works

Doubble is a social concept

it's about meeting new people with your friends rather than alone: 

you match someone when your friend matches their friend


you match someone

you choose your circle of friends. we recommend a close group a friends

you swipe and match with people


your friend matches their friend.

at the same time your friends are out there getting matches. when your friends match some Doubble magic happens 🧙


you got a DoubbleMatch 🍀

you get a DoubbleMatch, when you match someone and your friend matches their friend


the DoubbleChat

the four of you get a group chat:
we call it the DoubbleChat.

you can find and suggest fun local experiences directly in the DoubbleChat

not another solo dating app

we started Doubble, because we believe you're the best version of yourself, when you're with your friends.

the group chat flows more easily, when you're four people. 

it feels more comfortable having your friend with you. 

aaand it's just more fun. 

enough talking. go try it out yourself 🍀

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